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Squid Ink Afterglow is our all new car wax which has been meticulously developed and manufactured in house right here at Squid Ink HQ. Afterglow is available in the following mouth watering scents:

  • Cherry Cola (Red/pink)

Afterglow contains the finest quality T1 grade carnauba, paraffin, natural beeswax and a rare Luwax montan wax. These waxes have then been combined with synthetic polymers, solvents and natural oils to create this beautiful car wax.

It is very easy to apply, effortless to remove, and provides incredible levels of gloss. Your paintwork will literally glow after treating it with Squid Ink Afterglow. Your paint will be protected from the harsh elements for several months, which in turn will make your car much easier to clean. The water beading of Afterglow is particularly impressive after application.

Although not essential, for best results we would recommend decontaminating paint before applying your wax. Well prepared paint will always provide better adhesion which improves durability.


1. Pre-wash car with snow foam such as AlkaFroth Snow Foam.

2. Contact wash with HD Pure Shampoo.

3. Decontaminate paint with a combination of Ferrous Xtract, Tar & Glue and our Cuttlefish Clay Bar.

4. Optional – Polish with All in One, then panel wipe with a 15% IPA mix.

5. Apply Afterglow using a UFO foam applicator in thin layers (do not over apply). Curing time typically takes between 5-10 minutes depending on ambient temperature.

6. Buff off with a Octoplushy Microfibre cloth to reveal the Afterglow.

Keep this product out of reach of children, full MSDS is available on our website.

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